How Much Do is AD One - TEN

AdOne-TEN is a per modual fee nmeaning the more moduals you add the more the price moves up.
earlie addopters also recive an nice discount on services


 Pricing is $19.95 for the Install on moduals.

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This adds software to your exchange that lets your surfers participate in 'surf parties'... where if they surf all sites in a channel, they get a bonus to surfing.

Contact or skype:varisearch with your ftp info.  It will be kept confidential.

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yes we charge for the install due to the face that a large majority of webmasters dont have a programer avaiable to them.  (No install fee on any VS-TreEx  or ADOS scripts)

We belive that a price point of under $20 dollars fits in to any ones budget for a one time fee.

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