What is a Party Surf?  Multiple traffic exchanges get together in a "Channel"
(normally about 4 exchanges).  If you surf several sites at the same time, you
will start getting a bonus added to your surfing.  By default, we set things so
that surfing 3 sites gets you a 10% bonus at each site, and surfing all 4 sites gets
you a 20% bonus, but each traffic exchange can change this when they wish to. 
So, you get more credits for your surfing time.  It's that simple.

There is no info to fill in its based on your user name  or email address being the
same at all of the sites. The system will connect while you are surfing.  

As you surf the boxes at the sites will change color.
you are surfing  one site

2 sites active

3 or 4 sites are actively connected and bonuses is being earned.

Party Surf is a great tool for owners  and a great reward for active surfers too.

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