Stickers are a tool. The goal of stickers is a passive rewards system for surfers and traffic exchange users in general. We use an in-house token system for members to accumulate tokens to cash in for rewards,  credits, gift cards,  web cams   and so much more. Collecting stickers is more than just bragging rights but real rewards.  Members can collect stickers and trade in the tokens. Again a great rewards system for owners and surfers alike.

Stickers are part of an all-in-one system.  Stickers are to aid good owners in adding extra value to the Traffic Exchanges that use them.  We donít promise new signups or higher activity. Stickers are a tool to help owners with that goal.  Stickers are an affordable external rewards system.

A sticker is a 110 X 110 Images that should work with the branding of a traffic exchange.  Stickers can be claimed everyday with an upgrade, and they are great for blogs or special pages.
Stickers can have cash added into them as well.

From time to time we will host a sticker event, this is a multi site event that will have special stickers created just for that event. With much larger cash prizes and a ton of activity. Sticker Events are big fun.

hunts were added after the roll out of stickers to focus on 4 traffic exchanges a week. Selected sites and one of the stickers ( 110 sticker or the one nearest it) get an increased value. It could be  extra tokens and / or cash added to the sticker. The Sticker Hunt is an extra above and beyond for the sticker sites and is not part of the overall sticker product.  This is a bonus for sticker sites and can be removed from time to time for editing  skipping a week or removed all together.

Other benefits  

Sticker sites get a banner added to the rotation of the site for some extra branding
ONLY Sticker Sites will be added to the Downline Builder *
*Dias Media Works Sites are included as well.
More extras to come soon.


Yes I used the word Sticker 28 times on this page.

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